Social Savvy Workshops | Teaching parents what their kids are doing online
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“Adulting” today’s teens and tweens have enough challenges without adding technology into the fold. As concerned but busy parents how do we stay on top of all the different apps and sites that our kids seemingly know first nature? We know-how: you’re either Googling the answers or asking around your circle of friends in the hopes that someone – anyone – knows more than you do.

This is where we become an important piece of your strategy. We provide busy adults and parents with the tools and training they need to know how these apps and sites work. While you may not turn into an uber-Snapchatter, you’ll gain confidence and knowledge on what to look for in all the popular apps and when to be concerned. 

What We Do

We provide workshops – in person and online – as well as other forms of training which teach parents and other adults the ins and outs of the technology, websites, and apps teens and tweens are currently using.

Who We Are

We are parents just like you who knew early on that we needed to know as much as we could – as soon as possible – about the devices, technology, and apps that our tweens and teens were using. We are a collection of marketing and IT professionals who do all the research to stay ahead of our kids so you don’t have to!


Interested in our training? Here are just a few of our classes:

  • Online Webinar Workshops
  • Half-day Parenting Bootcamps
  • School Assemblies
  • At-home Social Savvy Parents Group Training
  • At-home Social Savvy Kids Group Training
  • One-on-one Training
  • Customized Solutions